Assist Defend SCORE


Developing a content strategy, writing and promotion all take time. We’ll take care of that.


We take on a deep understanding of your mission and will defend your brand and all it stands for.


What do you consider a score? A media hit? Increased site traffic? We’ll help you get there.

How we do it


First, we get the attention of people who need what you provide.


Second, we build a relationship with those followers.


Finally, we establish brand loyalty and build up an audience of fans. These followers convert.

Your team of brand advocates

A high-quality social media presence does not come from a bot, or an automated system. It comes from creative minds that understand your brand and empathize with your customers.

We don’t believe in posting to social media just because. We believe in the power of resonating with your target audience and using customized strategies that help your business reach its goals. Like the backcourt on a basketball team, we exist to assist you, defend your brand, and help you score.



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