Meet Megan

Backcourt Marketing’s Founder, Megan Coghlan, has been reminded of the value of teamwork time after time since the company’s inception. In trying to do everything herself, she simply could not take her goals to a bigger level. So, she grew her own personal backcourt, something she believes everyone needs.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurial spirits and self-starters, it was only going to be a matter of time before Megan took her own path and started something new. Megan, as featured in Voyage Phoenix, Avontage, and the 2021 KNOW Book, is the main marketing consultant and social media content director for Backcourt Marketing. She teaches business owners smart marketing strategies, advocates for their brand and helps them win through the plans created. She understands the value of building a legacy and finds her passion working for family businesses started by someone with that goal in mind. As someone trying to do the same thing, she will become a part of your family as she works with you.

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Meet Darrell

Darrell White is the leader of all things related to online ads. Darrell is a Facebook ads expert with years of experience creating successful targeted online advertising campaigns. He will manage your online ads budget effectively and help you reach your target audience online with a smart campaign strategy. Darrell will help you attract, engage and convert customers and create tangible results with social media.

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Meet Faith

Faith Meza joined Backcourt Marketing in the midst of a pandemic to help us with our own marketing efforts. Her versatile role developed into leading the social media engagement process for clients. Faith makes sure we go beyond social media posts and consistently work on growing your audience and attracting the right following.



Geri Granillo is Backcourt Marketing’s dedicated, superstar website developer and designer. We believe in establishing a great online foundation first, before working on your social media strategy. This is where Geri steps in.