3 Predictions for Social Media Trends in 2024

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for a social media marketing agency like ours. Since social media changes so rapidly, we try our best to predict any changes. As we step into 2024, we believe the dynamics of social media are poised for some interesting shifts. Here are three social media trends we expect to develop this year.

Social Commerce Will Become a Necessity

The lines between social media and e-commerce will blur even further. The integration of social shopping features directly into social platforms is set to redefine the way consumers discover and purchase products. A recent survey by Statista indicates over 70% of respondents aged 18-34 have made a purchase through social media. 

For those who sell products online or have an e-commerce setup, integrating social media into your digital strategy will be even more important. Luckily, Facebook and Instagram have shopping functionalities that allow users to seamlessly transition from product discovery to purchase without leaving the app.

The shift towards social commerce signifies a change in consumer behavior, with users increasingly relying on social media for product recommendations and reviews. Marketers should optimize their social media for shoppable content, leverage user-generated content, and implement e-commerce features that facilitate a frictionless buying experience.

Longer Videos Will Be Favored

The universe appears divided over whether short or long-form video content will pose a bigger threat this year. We believe social media will trend towards longer-form video content for a number of reasons.

Over the last few years of a nominal TikTok rise, many have developed what we like to call “TikTok Brain”. The short-form video format combined with an “on to the next” feed style is shrinking our attention spans, and people are noticing. A large majority of New Years resolutioners and influencers sharing their “Ins and Outs” for the year cited a desire to spend less time “doom scrolling”. We believe people are burnt out from mindless scrolling and information overload and are instead seeking more meaningful content that captures their attention for a longer period.

Likewise, Instagram’s algorithm is starting to count video replays as an extra view. This means videos that encourage the user to replay it will accumulate more views and improve your account’s reach. Think about value-packed videos that encourage the user to save the post and replay it to get all the information in it. We have a strong feeling that value-driven and fulfilling content is going to resonate better with followers all across the board.

Niche Platforms Will Garner More Interest

Social media users are seeking more authentic, personalized content and user experiences. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will continue to dominate the scene, however, users will still seek platforms that cater to their specific interests or communities. 

Niche platforms have been gaining steady traction over the past year because they offer a greater sense of belonging and specialized content. We recommend identifying some of those niche platforms that align with your specific target audience’s interests. Then, test them out. For example, Strava creates a community for fitness enthusiasts, Untappd for beer lovers, and Vero for authentic content sharing are gaining popularity. It might not be time to invest a lot of time and energy into a strategy for those platforms, but it is time to begin setting up a basic presence and testing out the platforms’ capabilities. Pay attention to the reactions of your followers on these platforms, too.
A social media presence that can strategically capitalize on trends for increased visibility is poised to see positive results. To kickstart a results-driven 2024 social media strategy, start with a 15-minute mini marketing audit with Backcourt Marketing today.

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