A Beginner’s Guide to Clubhouse Rooms 2021

Clubhouse, one of the fastest-growing mobile apps, is the hot topic in the 2021 era of social media. What do you need to get started in Clubhouse? We’re glad you asked. We’ve created a beginner’s guide to break down what you need to know about Clubhouse rooms.

Rooms can be about ANY topic

Clubhouse contains topics from current events, to business, to philosophy… You get the picture! Anything and everything is something that you can create content around. Connect with other creators and become discovered with other people interested in your niche.

Conversations can be intimate or contain a full house. Audiences vary between 2-3 people all the way up to 5,000 people listening in to a live show.

Try familiarizing yourself with a few rooms. Once you have a good understanding of the goals and rules of Clubhouse rooms, look for opportunities to collaborate by reading other users’ profiles. Find current events happening within your niche by discovering experienced users in your field. These experts will most likely have great advice and answer some of your own questions about your industry.

It can be a little overwhelming at first because you may not know what you want to listen to. It’s a bit like finding a good podcast. You have to search around for the good ones.

Your feed is customizable

When you join Clubhouse, you will be asked to select a few interests. Add as many as possible. The more options you select that relate to your brand’s interests, the more related the room options become.

Clubhouse makes it easy to find peers and friends that have already joined the app. Follow them and set notifications on if you would like to see which rooms they join. If a friend with similar interests is already familiar with Clubhouse, ask them to introduce you to rooms, clubs, and people to follow.

Overcome your stage fright

When you join a room on Clubhouse, moderators may allow your profile speaking privileges, giving you the chance to join them “on stage.” Don’t be afraid to jump in! Make sure you read the room rules before going “on stage.” All rooms will have a few rules made by the moderator to read and accept.

Most rooms allow visitors to speak or ask questions. Think of some industry or personal questions as you’re listening to people talk. When you ask a question or make a comment for the first time in a room, make sure to say your name and what you do if it’s appropriate within context. Listeners may want to contact you with opportunities or pointers. You never know if someone needs your specific skill set. Just by speaking up, you could bring more eyes to your company.

Clubhouse rooms are the perfect platform for presentations or live Q&A

If you have a need for a live Q&A or a presentation, Clubhouse could be the platform you’ve been looking for. Since people can join in on their phones and have no need for a camera, there is more flexibility in comparison to a web conference. They can stay in the room as long as the Clubhouse app is running in the background.

Brands can use Clubhouse to their advantage for events like product releases, giveaways, live feedback, Q&A, and conferences. Clubhouse makes it possible to speak to people who actively engage with your content or products (the best kind of followers). If you have ever wanted to create an industry networking event or industry roundtable discussion from the comfort of your own home, Clubhouse makes it possible.

The Clubhouse interface is easy to use. All you need to do is start the Clubhouse app, hit two or three buttons, and you are in a room! There are no codes, passwords, or typing necessary. This is a great relief for those who have become way too familiar with Zoom fatigue.

Clubhouse is the future of podcasts, music, and live performances.

Each person has the ability to set their microphone to high-quality. When your microphone is in this mode, your audio will come through more clearly and slightly louder. This allows for music and audio stations to give their listeners a quality similar to streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music.

The live performance aspect on Clubhouse is starting to look like a great opportunity for artists and creators. For DJ’s, radio stations, and home studio producers alike, the live streaming feature is going to give a lot of people a stage they might not have had otherwise. Podcasters and radio show hosts can call their Clubhouse room home for live interviews and readings (goodbye travel expenses!).

Right now, most rooms are dedicated to podcast-type users, but the opportunity is there for artists to be ahead of the game and establish a following on an up-and-coming platform. Capitalize on the advantages of being on an app that has a lot of new users.

Build your community

Building your community within your niche is a great way to grow your network and expand your audience. You can build a following with a call to action to get those people to continue to follow the rest of your social media pages.

Sometimes, you just run out of ideas to talk about, and that’s okay! If you run out of content, find someone to bring into your room with things to talk about or questions to answer. People love to talk about their careers, passions, and hobbies, especially if the audience has good questions. It’s all about making sure that you’re bringing value to the people that are listening to you.

Seek out rooms where you can showcase your talents and show off your brand. Everyone has something interesting or valuable to offer.

When it comes to Clubhouse, there’s no reason to be shy. It’s time to get out there and let your voice be heard.

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