How to Leverage the Quiet Months in your Marketing

Holidays are a marketing frenzy. For both consumers and brands, the months between October and December are saturated with deals and giveaways and gifts and sales. Every brand out there is hoping to get the most out of the consumer’s “shopper mentality.” With so much messaging everywhere, it almost turns into background noise. 

If you look at how brands are spending their advertising money on a year’s graph, there is a significant spike in the last three months of the year. So what happens in January? It’s logical that consumers have outspent themselves during the holidays and are looking to cut back their spending during January. But, this is actually a great time for small to medium-sized businesses to get their name out there. There is significantly less competition in the media space, so small advertisers can get more bang for their buck during the months of January through to April. 

Sure, you might not get an immediate turn around in January. But the ROI (Return on Investment) will start to show in February, March, and April. It’s the perfect time to hit your target audience more than once and really boost familiarity. Therefore, rather than focusing on increasing sales in January, focus your messaging on increasing brand awareness. 

Not to mention, there are still some exciting dates in the early new year! Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the first day of spring all fall into those first three months. If your budget doesn’t allow you to compete with the Macy’s and the Best Buy’s of the world, January is the perfect time for you to shine. 

Let’s kickstart the new year with a great marketing strategy. If you’re looking to revamp your digital presence and really get serious with your marketing, we’re here to help.

Happy New Year!

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