Local Arizona Businesses do their Marketing Right

As a digital marketing agency, we pay close attention to how successful businesses are running their marketing strategies. We’re extra excited when one of our own local businesses are killing it in the social game. This month, we’re looking at one local hit who made waves in the social media world: Toasted Mallow.

Instagram allows us to feast with our eyes, and this Arizona marshmallow business is taking advantage of just that. By posting mouth-watering images and video of tasty treats, Toasted Mallow has amassed a following of over 48k on Instagram. Despite being a single-location shop, the brand manages to keep its large fan base happy by offering shipment across the states. 

Aside from having an incredibly successful social presence, the marshmallow business was also featured on the Cooking Network, the Food Network, Insider, Delish, Buzzfeed, and PopSugar. So how did a brick-and-mortar shop in Gilbert, Arizona become so Instagram famous? 

Offer a Unique Product

To begin, they offer a small-niche product that not many other companies are selling. Rather than trying to have a voice in an already saturated field (such as acai breakfast bowls or avocado toast cafes) the brand sells gourmet marshmallow treats and gourmet marshmallow treats only. 

Tricia and Hazel Arce, founders of this unique brand, have found success by being one of the few providers of marshmallow treats. Instead of targeting a broad range of potential customers, the dessert company locked in on a niche consumer that loves marshmallows. 

Keep an Authentic Voice Users Can Relate To

According to an interview Tricia had with the Catalyst, the brand started its online community on Facebook. However, Instagram quickly came to surpass the mother platform and is now their most-followed account. The platform grew organically as Tricia took note of what her followers enjoyed the most. Rather than concentrating on a heavy marketing strategy, Tricia and Hazel stayed true to their products and kept their business authentic and real. 

Toasted Mallow’s Instagram page is not filled with high-definition photography or pretty Instagram girls holding a s’more. It showcases their products as-is, each day a new photo of one of their many delicious desserts. 

Keeping it simple goes a long way. When you are selling a product that is clear eye-candy, some good old fashioned “food porn” is all you need to lead your social media strategy.

Engage With Your Community

The brand doesn’t forget to engage with its consumers either. They like every single comment left on their pictures. They even create full-length videos about how to make one of their desserts if enough followers request it. 

The brand utilizes user-generated content and gives consumers a chance to shine on their page. Using this strategy allows them to simultaneously show appreciation for their business. By keeping to their authentic story and giving their followers exactly what they want (delicious content), the brand continues to grow its footprint in both the food industry and social media space. 

So a round of applause goes to you, Toasted Mallow! We admire your marketing AND your marshmallows. Who would have thought the two would go so well together?

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