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Spring Inspiration Corner: 3 Brands that Do their Digital Marketing Right

A few times a year, we’re going to share which brands been catching our eye our in the digital marketing space. This spring, we’re tipping our hats to three brands that have caught our eye with their creativity and consistency.


Sprouts Farmers Market is a supermarket chain serving 15 states across the U.S. It aims to sell minimally-processed products and offers an array of organic food options. It encourages this clean-eating desire through its social media pages and its mobile app.

 We’ll start with a salute to Sprouts’ beautiful Instagram page. Scroll through their feed and you will find its content is color-coordinated and timed to fit within a rainbow. The Sprouts team found an extremely creative, visually appealing, and exciting way of sharing their products. After a week of seeing bright red fruits and vegetables popping up in your feed, you might somehow develop an appetite to go buy some strawberries from Sprouts. Funny how that works…

The Sprouts mobile app does a great job at keeping regular shoppers informed and engaged with their deals, as well as roping in new shoppers to start coming to the supermarket more often. Sprouts will post weekly bulletin items on their app with deals in all the areas of products such as meats and produce.

Eventually, you might find yourself inadvertently revolving your grocery shopping and meal prepping each week around what Sprouts has on sale. The fact that this supermarket has used its digital resources to make something as tedious as grocery shopping more fun and exciting makes them a huge winner.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is an online membership for purchasing razors and grooming products on a subscription basis. Not only has DSC created a quality product and solution to overpriced and hard-to-get razors, but it does an excellent job building an online community for its members.

DSC bravely shares content about subject matters that other brands will not talk about. DSC is not afraid to send an email with “poop” in the subject line, or advise on how may pairs of underwear you should own. Its content is extremely click-worthy and its blog leads raders down a rabbit hole, learning all kinds of tips about grooming and life in general.

DSC successfully engages its members this way, without being click-baity or tacky about it. Its branding is clean and consistent all over its website, blog posts are professionally-written and informative (even if they’re about poop), and the DSC social media pages show that the company goes beyond just selling razors, to helping raise money to support members of their community and causes they care about. They drive home the message that being part of the Dollar Shave Club is something you don’t want to miss out on.


GrubHub is an online and mobile solution for ordering your favorite local food for delivery. The brand successfully taps into our primal cravings by taking the no-brainer approach of sharing images of food on its social media feeds.

GrubHub takes advantage of all our weaknesses and tests our self-control (as they very well are allowed to) to encourage app usage and online ordering. Without even linking to, a picture of pizza and a subliminal message about how making food is too much of an ordeal has significantly increased your desire to stay where you’re at and get yourself a pizza as you scroll through your Twitter feed around lunch time.

Memes and current online culture have encouraged the relatable feelings of wanting to be lazy and spend money on food. GrubHub simply pushes this idea even further and assures the average person that it’s okay to cave into their cravings. A company like Sprouts has to work a little harder to get people back on track towards its healthy mission.

What brands do you admire for their digital marketing creativity?

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