Understanding Instagram’s Latest Updates: How To Keep Your Content Alive

If you’re an Instagram user or a business relying on the platform for engagement and growth, you’ve likely heard the buzz surrounding Instagram’s recent algorithm updates. These changes have created controversy and confusion among many users and content creators. Let’s break down the two most significant updates and explore how you can adapt your strategy to continue thriving on this social platform.

Key Updates to the Instagram Algorithm

1. Video Length Restrictions for Explore Page

One of the updates is Instagram’s decision to limit the eligibility of videos over 90 seconds long from being recommended on the Explore page. This means that longer videos will not benefit from the increased visibility that comes with being featured on Explore.

2. Calls to Action (CTAs) and Engagement Hacks

Instagram has also issued a warning about using explicit calls to action (CTAs) that solicit engagement. According to the platform’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, content that asks for likes, shares, comments, or other interactions may be penalized by the algorithm. This is confusing to creators since this is a social app where encouraging interaction has always been a good thing! This is what Instagram had to say in their recent video:

“Here are the things to avoid that can limit the reach of your content. First, don’t try to hack engagement, and here’s what we mean by that: If we believe your content explicitly asks for engagement through shares, comments, tags, or other actions, then we won’t recommend it. An example of this is asking people to comment with a specific word, number, or emoji. We do, however, encourage you to create content that inspires people to engage in real discussion, so open-ended questions and calls to action, they’re both fair game.”

Interestingly, this video was deleted by Instagram but is now back up, and the message remains clear: engagement baiting is out, and authentic interaction is in.

The Uncertainty for ManyChat Users

One of the concerns among Instagram marketers is how these updates might impact those using tools like ManyChat, which can be integrated with Instagram to facilitate automated messaging and engagement. Instagram clarified that such tools are not inherently problematic.

ManyChat users rely on automated CTAs to guide followers through funnels, prompt responses, and drive engagement. With Instagram’s new stance on penalizing explicit engagement, things like genuine interaction through thoughtful questions are encouraged and effective, and not deemed “spammy”. How can you manage this?

Experiment with Messaging Strategies

To navigate this uncertainty, it’s recomended to experiment with different messaging strategies within ManyChat:

  • Refine Your CTAs: Rather than using direct prompts that might be flagged by the algorithm like one-word phrases, short words or even emojis, try more nuanced and conversational approaches that encourage organic interaction like asking a genuine question that will pique interest.
  • Focus on Value-Driven Content: Create content that is full of value and is engaging, which often prompts users to interact without having to ask them to do so.
  • Monitor Engagement Trends: Keep a close eye on your engagement metrics to understand how changes in your CTA strategies are affecting your overall performance. This will help you identify what works best for your account.
  • Encourage Conversation Surrounding Your Keyword: Rather than asking users to comment the trigger keyword below, ask them to share information or tell you about their experience with the topic you are using as your trigger keyword.

Stay Adaptable and Informed

As Instagram continues to change, staying adaptable and informed with all the latest updates is crucial. Be sure to follow Instagram, Creators and ManyChat’s Instagram pages to make sure your strategies remain compliant and effective. Don’t be afraid to fix and adjust your approach based on what you are seeing in your engagement analytics and interactions.

Adapting to Instagram’s Changes

As Instagram refines its algorithm and guidelines, your strategy should be adjusted to be compliant. And if you’re current strategy is still compliant and it’s working for you, don’t change it! This is important to maintaining your content visibility and keeping your engagement alive. Here are some things you can add to your strategy 

  • Boost Your Visual Storytelling: Shift from direct calls to action to engaging storytelling. Create compelling stories through videos, graphics, and captions that grab your audience’s attention and foster genuine interaction.
  • Use Interactive Features: Explore Instagram’s interactive tools like polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. These features help you drive engagement organically by inviting followers to participate without explicit prompts.
  • Keep Up with Data Insights: Make sure to monitor your analytics closely to understand what content resonates most with your audience. Use these insights to fine-tune your approach. Your content should remain relevant and be impactful to your target audience.

The Five Fundamentals of a Winning Social Media Presence

Feeling overwhelmed by all the algorithm updates? Circle back to our five fundamentals of a winning social media presence here and gain actionable insights to strengthen your content strategy, foster community engagement, and reach continued growth on Instagram.

By focusing on your creativity, interactions, and analytics, you can effectively win on Instagram’s ever-changing platform and continue to build a meaningful connection with your followers. Embrace these strategies to thrive among all the algorithm updates they throw at us!

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