Welcome to the Backcourt Blog

As part of Backcourt Marketing’s mission to assist, we find it important to keep our partners informed on the constantly evolving world of marketing. Through this ever-changing industry, we are always learning new things and making sure we stay current with our clients.

The Scoreboard blog is our hub of information, new findings, advice, marketing insight and more, all available for everyone. We hope that others can learn from us, be inspired and engage with us.

Marketing is an all-inclusive industry, requiring those in it to wear many hats and have skills in a number of different areas. Our knowledge and news will be shared in the areas we focus on: content writing, social media developments, and public relations.

We will also keep current, past and future clients informed of our business developments and what they can expect from us. The Backcourt blog will let our voice be heard and our accomplishments known because it is important for you to see the differences we are making for businesses. It is important also to allow us to highlight your business and share how you have inspired us to create.

What else would you like to hear from us? Please let us know what you want to know more about. We’ll do the research for you!

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