Why Having a Strong LinkedIn Presence as a CEO is Important

There is a common misconception that the CEO of a company does not need a strong social media presence. After all, how many business owners or CEO’s realistically have time to spend making their social media effective? Not many. 

We often advise people and businesses to choose 1-2 social media platforms to focus on, rather than being on all of them. And if you have a leadership role at your company, LinkedIn is a potential gold mine for new business opportunities. 

People overlook LinkedIn when they see it as a digital resume, rather than a representation of professional work and knowledge. But for B2B businesses, it is especially important for the CEO and executive staff to have strong LinkedIn pages because 80% of B2B leads come through this platform. This is proof that other businesses are coming to check out your profile. 

So what exactly does a strong LinkedIn presence entail? Think of your LinkedIn profile as your elevator pitch. What kind of first impression do you want to give? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set up your page to represent your whole company.

1. Add valuable content to your page

Whether you’re writing your own articles, or sharing articles from an industry newsletter, you want to show that you are an expert in your field. Not only will it make you more credible, but businesses will get a better understanding of what your perspectives are. Your voice will help shape your company’s image. Post at least three times a week, and make sure to engage with anyone who leaves comments. 

2. Encourage your employees to share your posts 

Your business is made up of you (the CEO) and your employees. Unite your business into one by delivering a consistent message throughout. Encourage your employees to reshare your posts. This will show visitors that your business is well bound into one community. 

3. Engage With Your Community

Like any other social network, it is important to stay active on your LinkedIn page. As a CEO, leaving comments and interacting with your audience will make you more approachable. You want to be seen as a person you can do business with, rather than an unapproachable business figure. 

4. Make Relevant Connections

It’s not enough to expect people to come and hit that ‘connect’ button on your page. It can be intimidating for some to shoot straight for the CEO of the company. The people that are your next business opportunity may be connecting with your employees, and you would never know. Instead, make sure to seek out people that you feel are a potential lead, and send out an invite to join your network. After all, through LinkedIn you can literally search for people with specific job positions at specific companies that fit within your target network. There are tools to automate LinkedIn connections to save you time, just make sure you choose the right one to avoid getting your account locked out.

An active and well-structured CEO LinkedIn page can result in higher inquiries and B2B leads. One should be able to get all the information they need by looking at the CEO’s LinkedIn account. 

So, is your page set up and active? Here at Backcourt Marketing, we can revamp your page, keep it active, and connect you with your target audience so that you can get the results you need for your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your LinkedIn presence.

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