Why Pinterest is the Most Overlooked Social Media Platform That Your Business Needs to Use

When we talk about social media, most of us think of the three main social networking sites: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Depending on the type of business you are in, maybe LinkedIn is a key platform for you as well. However, we often forget about one of the key players in the game, Pinterest.

What’s so special about Pinterest, you ask? Well, just about everything that’s important to a B2C business. The main difference between Pinterest and other platforms is that users come to Pinterest already with the shopper mentality. It’s a platform for discoveries, inspirations, and new ideas. While Instagram and Facebook are great for engaging existing customers, Pinterest significantly boosts awareness and is an excellent medium to let the consumers find you. 

With Pinterest ads, a brand can catch the consumer very early in the purchasing journey. And because this is a platform for discoveries, pinners don’t mind ads as much as on other platforms. In fact, 83% of pinners say they’ve made purchases based on Pinterest ads.

Source: Hootsuite

Another characteristic that makes Pinterest such a great social platform is that it’s not so social at all. People come to Pinterest for themselves. It’s the ‘self-care’ section of the social media world. Lately, more and more people are finding platforms such as Instagram bad for their mental health and are taking a detox from the app. However, Pinterest doesn’t fall into this category. People come to Pinterest for themselves. It’s a rare place you can customize your feed to show you content that you’re actually interested in. 

Conveniently enough, it also functions as a search engine where you can find those products that serve ‘you’. 

Although the platform falls second to mind when we mention “social media”, it actually ranks as the fourth most used platform, outranking Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin, and Whatsapp with its 250 million monthly users (Source: Hootsuite). 

Pinterest should be the go-to platform if your priority is driving more traffic to your site. With every pin leading back to a website, users will land on the page of your choice if they click on your post. You can even use this platform to boost your other social media profiles. For example, post all your Instagram pictures onto Pinterest and have each picture lead back to your Instagram account. If you do it strategically, you can make Pinterest work wonders for you and your site.

Whether you are an e-commerce business owner or you run a blog, Pinterest is a great tool to get more traffic and eyeballs to your page. And if the idea of running yet ANOTHER social platform makes you want to tear your hair out, feel free to contact us and we will handle it for you. 

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