Unthreading the Rumors: Your Guide to Navigating Threads

What is Threads?

“Threads offers a new, separate space for real-time updates and public conversations… Just like on Instagram, with Threads you can follow and connect with friends and creators who share your interests– including the people you follow on Instagram and beyond,” according to the developers at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and now, Threads.

If you’re familiar with Twitter, then using Threads would be like meeting a sister-in-law for the first time. Threads is a primarily text-focused app, allowing users to post up to 400 characters in one post. Users are also able to post links, photos, videos up to five minutes long. 

What makes it interesting?

Threads has a symbiotic relationship with Instagram, linking together two worlds in a few ways:

  1.  You will use your Instagram account to log in and your Instagram profile, username, and verification copy onto Threads. 
  2. A link to your Threads account is accessible and boldly featured within your Instagram bio. Instagram users can easily share a Threads post to their Instagram story or share their posts as a link on any other platform you choose. 

What Threads currently lacks, however, are hashtags, direct messaging, and advertisements. But, remember that we’re still in the early stages of Threads’ development. 

What are others saying about the app?

Conversation is what Threads is all about. Let’s hear some reviews from people all across the Internet, weighing in their opinions on Meta’s latest new app.

New York Times writer Mike Issac says that, “For one, Threads is algorithmically curated, just like Facebook or Instagram.” What this means is that a user’s feed would include posts from people and accounts you already follow on Instagram or follow on Threads. Threads lack a chronological feed, a feature that made Twitter an important source for news and updates. In addition, there is currently no separate feed for only people you follow. However, Adam Mosseri, the current head of Instagram, says that both features are in development. 

Another New York Times writer, Brian X. Chen, says “If the features improve, I could see myself switching to Threads from Twitter eventually because of Instagram’s sheer size, which could bring me more followers.” Again, this serves as another reminder that Threads is still developing as an app. 

Is it worth it?

So is Threads really worth it or is it just another app looking to replace Twitter?

According to CNET and ENGADGET, 100 million users signed up on Threads within the first five days of its July 5th launch. However, its success may be short-lived: CNBC reports that Threads saw more than a 25% dropoff in active users between its July 7th peak and July 10th. While people have been noting that Threads has taken advantage of the public’s recent dissatisfaction with Twitter, critics note that Threads would not be the first shaky launch of new services from Meta (as some may remember IGTV from a couple of years ago). 

Right now, it’s clear that this current version of Threads is only the beginning. Whether Threads sticks around like Instagram Reels, only time will tell. But we do know one thing for certain: the early bird catches the worm. 

Tips for using Threads for your business

  1. Be an early adopter: From our initial research, Threads seems to be an optimal community for businesses. Because Threads is a new app, there is a high chance that accounts will gain followers at a quicker pace than usual. Urgency is key here: brands have a chance to develop a platform with less competition in the same space. In fact, big brands are attracting more engagement on Threads compared with Twitter, even for brands that have more followers on Twitter than on Threads. A study found that 87% of brands got more likes on Threads posts than on Twitter. 
  2. Be a conversation starter: Threads is truly all about conversation. Companies have begun to start conversations by simply replying to other brands or accounts, and in turn, are able to show off more of their humor and personality. For example, Spotify has been successful in making many (quite humorous) posts about Taylor Swift’s ERAs Tour, averaging 8,000 likes with each post. Thus, any business looking to grow on Threads must have its account reflect the personality of the brand. Our main advice is to stay engaged, and Threads makes it easy: you can easily reply, post, or “@” other accounts to start conversations. 
  3. Establish consistency: Consider a weekly campaign that shows off your expertise or provides value to your audience. For example, you can share a “Tip Tuesday” that gives your audience something to look forward to and remember your business by. There is a lot of talk on the new platform, so consider a theme that will help differentiate you during these early stages of growth.

Again, nothing is truly straightforward with Threads at this point. However, Threads is giving brands a chance to develop on another platform, allowing for growth and expansion within the app. Until next time, happy scrolling! We’ll see you on Threads

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