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What is your LinkedIn Company Page missing?

A LinkedIn Company Page improves your business’ search ranking, allows you to share job postings, gives your employees something legitimate to be connected to on their on LinkedIn profiles, opens up the opportunity for new business, and a lot more.

40% of users use LinkedIn daily, which gives a huge amount of opportunity for your company page to reach people on a frequent enough basis to become familiar with your brand. At this rate, NOT having a LinkedIn company page will cost your business more in lost opportunities than the time invested to maintain it.

Are these items lacking on your company page? Backcourt Marketing can take your LinkedIn to a more professional level by evaluating these necessities:

#1. A concise company description

At the front and center of your LinkedIn Company Page is your “About Us” section. While it’s tempting to take what you already have on your website, other social media pages, or marketing materials, this is your time to revise that and put something purposeful.

Think about your biggest reason for having a LinkedIn Company Page. Not just because everyone else has one, not because it’s almost a necessity these days, but what is your goal for this page? Is it for recruiting purposes or new business development? Cater your message here to reflect that goal and don’t go the copy-paste route.

On that note, keep it short. Five to six sentences is enough to keep visitors interested.

Pro tip: Companies with logo images get six times more visits to their company pages.

#2. Consistent activity

Just because you have your page set up, you’ve got your description and all your ducks in a row does not mean you can check this item off your marketing to-do list.

Why put the effort into creating something nice, only to let it sit there and not produce results?

It is vital to supply an active presence on your LinkedIn Company Page. Ideas for things to post are:

-Company updates, new business, and partnerships

-Interesting facts about current projects

-Requests for followers to provide their opinions on hot topics

-Photos that represent your office culture

-The popular method of providing opinions on leadership

#3. A Company Page follow button

If you’re going to spend the time (or money) to have your LinkedIn Company Page consistently updated, make sure you are directing to your LinkedIn Company Page wherever you can.

A LinkedIn follow button can be integrated on your website, your blogs, email marketing, newsletters, and other digital marketing pages. This button makes it easy for visitors to follow and receive updates on your LinkedIn Company Page with one click.

#4. Employee engagement

When a LinkedIn member lists their job with your company on their profile, they automatically become a follower of your company page. Posting regular content puts it right on your employees’ feeds and encourages them to engage with those posts, extending your reach to all of their connections.

This is hugely important for recruiting purposes and for building your online image as a desirable workplace. You also have the option to further attract job seekers with the job listings feature, which LinkedIn has available for a fee.

Check out Backcourt Marketing’s social media services to see how we can help manage your pages.

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