Practical Tips for Social Media Success in 2020

Ah, the sweet beginnings of a new decade. It’s time to move on to a new  decade and set ourselves up for success for the next 365 days. Here at Backcourt Marketing, we will be focusing on what social media goals we can set for the businesses we work with in 2020. Here are some of the ways you can measure a successful social media presence.

Set a Goal on Your Follower Count

Yes, we know, followers aren’t everything. But they are also not nothing! If you’re a business, higher amounts of followers can mean higher credibility. Set yourself a goal on how many followers you would like to gain by month, and track it using google sheets. 

“But how do I increase my followers” you ask? It’s not always a straight-forward solution, but here’s a straight-forward strategy you can use: 

Tag your posts with relevant hashtags and then go straight into the hashtag you used and engage with the top 9 posts. Another useful technique is to go into the followers of a similar brand to yours and follow/engage with those accounts. 

If your focus is on Instagram, there are tons of practical tips you can implement and set your page up for success. Here is a great in-depth article on how to leverage Instagram for your business!

Increase Your Engagement

Less obvious but extremely relevant, engagement is a key metric that brands and businesses use to see how loyal your followers are to you. This is why simply buying followers is never good enough – they won’t engage with your content! 

Your engagement rate isn’t directly displayed on your page, but it can be found through platforms like Here at Backcourt Marketing, we also use tools like Sprout Social to draw in-depth statistics for clients.

Set yourself a daily reminder to spend at least 15 minutes on each of your platforms to like and comment on relevant accounts. Another tip is to turn on post notifications from accounts that you want to engage with and receive engagement back from. To do this, simply go into your desired account, go to one of their posts, hit the three dots at the top and click “Turn on Post Notifications”. 

For Facebook, a unique tip that many people don’t know about is to go on your business page, and add “pages_feed” at the end of the URL. This will bring you to a feed with all the posts from the pages you follow and find posts to share, like, and comment on from your business page. If a person engages with one of your posts and isn’t following your page yet, you can go ahead and invite them to do so to increase your Facebook audience!

Generate an Income Through Social Media

What good is it to have a killer social page without it generating any leads? We aspire to have successful pages because of the potential income it can provide for us. So let’s tackle this goal. 

Unfortunately, if you think having a large account will automatically fill your DM’s with brands and businesses wanting to work with you, you are mistaken. Truth is, you will have to be the one to actively reach out to businesses and pitch your service. It will make their lives easier by not needing to go through the hassle of finding people to work with themselves. Decide how many accounts you want to win, times that by 15, and that’s the number of brands you should be reaching out to. 

The new year truly is a great way to start something new. It’s up to you how you choose to stick to those goals and actively work to achieve them. Perhaps as we go into not just a new year, but a new decade, you will have a little extra luck on your side ;). 

Happy New Year!

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